Walters Storyk Design Group

Boston Symphony Orchestra

The ability to hear is a gift. To hear music in a room that sounds amazing is in and of itself enough. To enjoy the view in the hall with all its architectural details and to get to opportunity to photograph theses spaces is music to my ears.

I posted 3 images of Boston Symphony Orchestra for our website, and look forward to more time spent at this lovely hall. Another sweet sounding recording studio designed by WSDG and the team at Walters Storyk Design Group. 



"Recording Studios are not only built to produce hit songs, they are sophisticated, technically, aesthetically and acoustically complex instruments, that reflect the idiosyncratic styles and personalities of their owners. Created for two of the contemporary music scene’s most prolific hit producers, Nate ‘Danja’ Hills and his business partner, Marcella Araica, Dream Asylum Studios represents the personification of the pair’s fun, somewhat racy and clearly colorful approach to both their music and their lifestyle. Designed to inspire the sounds that make South Florida a hotbed for Pop, New Age Rock and R&B hits, Dream Asylum serves the dual purpose of setting the ultimate mood for musical creativity, AND, providing the ultimate production environment for recording and mixing the upshot of that inspiration.

Dream Asylum is a WSDG - Walters-Storyk Design Group showplace studio custom-designed to fulfill the recording needs of N.A.R.S. (New Age Rock Stars) label principals, Nate Danja’ Hills and Marcella Araica. Recognized for their work with artists ranging from Britney SpearsMadonna and Jay-Z to Justin TimberlakeMary J. Bligeand Pink, Danja and Araica now have the luxury of working in a studio ideally suited to their creative needs." - WSDG

Nate "Danja" and Marcella were a joy to work work. The studio was amazing to photograph!