Cheryl Fleming Photography [CFP] is a state of art photographic design studio located within the international cultural center that is New York City.


The Photographer

Any true craft, is, at its best, art and science, passion and insight blended with experience and precision. In her early career as a yacht chef, Cheryl Fleming masterfully blended all of these elements, to the delight of her guests. She has brought that same dedication and enthusiasm to her career as a professional photographer.

Cheryl deeply respects how important the projects she photographs are in her clients' lives. She channels her expertise into the individual photographic needs of each assignment- creating a unique and creative perspective.

Cheryl makes it her priority to capture each assignment with authenticity, emotional depth, artistic flair and precision. She brings on board seasoned pro photographers when needed; together they go all out to ensure that every essential aspect is captured for posterity.

In addition to the final digital image, Cheryl Fleming and her team offer client web-based/mobile presentations; promotional designs,  and creates branding campaigns that sell.

From commercial/ architecture assignments to worldwide photography of luxury yachts, to elegant weddings and all special occasions in her clients lives-the result is in the final image. "Capturing Memories" that will last a lifetime.