We photographed Dream Asylum last Spring. Immediately upon meeting both Marcella and Nate “Danja”, the owners, as well as- Grammy Award winners- As a SCUBA diver I am always drawn to water and ocean fish, and their studio is plentiful with fish tanks everywhere!  Lots of blue and warmth makes Dream Asylum the perfect place to record your next great sounding album. Be sure to read Tom Keeny’s (MIX) interview with Marcella and Nate. They succeeded in making this a home they can call their own- adding to WSDG’s award winning design- their electrifying colors within the walls- called Dream Asylum. WSDG was nominated for the AES TEC Award for Dream; we were thrilled that our photography was paramount in getting their design out there for their nomination.  We were proud to be a part of this project.  This is our 6th MIX magazine cover to date.   

MIX- the inside story: